CICLOPS: Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for OPerationS

New Horizons


On Approach: Jupiter and Io




Jupiter Ahoy!




Io and Ganymede




Storm Spectra




Io and Europa Meet Again




Changes on Io




A Day on Jupiter (Animation)




Tvashtar Movie




The Little Red Spot: Closest View Yet




Io in Eclipse 2




Ammonia Ice Clouds on Jupiter




Io Eclipse Montage




Atmospheric Structure








The Colors of the Night




Probing Storm Activity on Jupiter




A Burst of Color




Jupiter's High-Altitude Clouds




Alice Views Jupiter and Io




Storms and Moons




Shepherd Moons




A 'Moving' Jupiter Global Map (Animation)




Best Color Image of Jupiter's Little Red Spot




Jupiter-Io Montage




A Look from LEISA




Jupiter's Rings




Ganymede in Visible and Infrared Light




A "Plumefall" on Io




Full Jupiter Mosaic




Atmospheric Waves




Ganymede's Shadow




An Eruption on Io




A Brilliant Plume




Tvashtar Composite




Tvashtar's Plume




Io Surface Changes




Tvashtar in Motion




Ammonia Clouds on Jupiter




Io Through Different 'Eyes'




Moons around Jupiter




Europa Rising








Tvashtar Montage




Jupiter Atmospheric Map




Io in Eclipse




Jupiter's Moons: Family Portrait




Polar Lightning on Jupiter




LORRI Takes an Even Closer Look at the Little Red Spot




Two Moons Meet over Jupiter




Jupiter's Rings: Sharpest View




New Horizons at Pluto




New Horizons Sees Pluto (Animation)




New Horizons Sees Pluto (Sept. 24)




New Horizons Sees Pluto (Sept. 21)




New Horizons Tracks an Asteroid




Capturing Callisto