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Translucent Rings
12-20-2014  07:17:21

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Dear Cassini team, first of all, sorry for my bad English. I have 4 questions about Saturn's ring:

1. How old is Saturn's ring? we know that it is formed probably 4 billion years ago, the same time as Saturn's formation, but the ring as we know now (the flat one), when does it formed?
2. Is Saturn's ring relatively stable (shepherd moons help stabilizing it?) or still actively changing and unpredictable?
3. Is it correct to say that Saturn's ring is the nebula for the formation of the Saturnian moons (Mimas, Enceladus)? Couple of months ago, a lump of thick material was observed in the edge of the ring. Where is that lump now? Is it still exist?
4. Among scientists and astronomers, which theory is the most favored about the ring formation? Is it from Saturn's nebula or from a destroyed Moon.

Many thanks for the beautiful updates!
12-11-2014  09:55:22

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another image i like a lot.