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The Wonder of Enceladus
07-28-2014  17:36:02

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We have got to go there. I hope soon so I can enjoy the findings. Thank you for the wonderful Captain's Log Carolyn.
Ten Years Ago Today ...
07-22-2014  08:05:19

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Hi Carolyn,
When looking at these images from Saturn and it's moons, you cannot help but be in awe at the sheer vastness and grandeur of the Saturnian system. These images are not only full of great science but have a beauty that is almost impossible to imagine. I have been using this site since the beginning and I have never lost that fascination with Saturn and it's moons. As an observational astronomer I have always viewed the planet when in view and can still remember the first time I viewed it almost 40 years ago!
The images are a reminder of just how small we are here on Earth and of the beauty that circles all around us. You and the CASSINI team do an amazing job bringing us these amazing images and I thank you personally and I am sure for everyone who visits the site.
Thank you.
John Cave (UK).
07-19-2014  14:34:40

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I also thank Roy Miranda, for the poignant reminder we are all in this together, wherever we are. no matter what part of this little speck in the universe we call home.